I got to sleep in a little bit this morning. Waiting for the coffee to brew right now.

I have finished up with adults and teen classes and just have family day left this afternoon. We have been having a ball. The felting class totally loved needle felting in to wool fabric. We had pictures of pigs and horses and a picasso=esque wool painting. We all tried our hands at birds and they decided that 3-d needle felting was a bit harder.

Then Friday was shibori. The water here is really hard and did some interesting things to our dyes. The soda ash (fixer) crystallized when the water hit it and became hard lumps in the bottom of the cup. Much stirring. The colors in the silk also shifted dramatically. I will show pictures, but my green and purple scarf is rust and yellow!

Teens class had 4 kids at the beginning of the week, 10 kids by Friday and ended up with 20 kids in my room. They were some of the nicest kids I have had the pleasure to teach and we had a ball.

Yesterday was embroidery and I have to applaud my class for their patience. 6 hours is a long time for sitting and stitching. We got through a lot of stuff and had the chance to play a bit with some felted beads and angelina fiber too.

Today, I slept in and I am watching a few little flakes of snow out my window. Doing a little sight seeing today, teaching a family day weaving class and then I leave tomorrow morning early.