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This is my NEW BOOK!

The Spoonflower Handbook is here.  It is 12 chapters of the digital fabric encyclopedia: resolution, color, pixels, vectors and more.  We take you through the basics of digital fabric vocabulary and then there are more than 30 projects with step-by-step instructions for making the digital design and for finishing your custom fabric into all kinds of great simple projects. Writing this book was an amazing, frustrating, creative, challenging adventure.  I hope you love it.  We are pretty proud of it.  Sign up for my email newsletter (at the right) to find out more about the book release party, classes and more coming this fall.

My co-authors on this adventure are the amazing Judi Ketteler, who also wrote the book Sew Retro and Stephen Fraser, Spoonflower’s rock-star co-founder.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has taken a digital fabric design class from me.  Your ideas, questions and problems were a source of constant inspiration and motivation as we were working.

You can purchase the book through your favorite local retailer, through Amazon or I would be happy to autograph a copy and sell it to you through my Etsy shop.  Follow me at my Amazon Author page.

Here is a lovely review of the book from Judi Kauffman at

I’ve been a book and product review columnist for over two decades. To earn a rave, I have to be objectively completely in love with a book, to feel that it is well worth the cover price – and then some! And I have to picture a friend spending hard-earned money on it. This is an Official Rave: The Spoonflower Handbook is one of the best-written and most interesting and useful books I’ve ever had the privilege of writing about. It takes a topic that can be intimidating – designing digital art that Spoonflower can turn into print-on-demand fabric, wallpaper and/or gift wrap – and makes it so easy to understand that a novice can succeed. It’s truly impressive. I devoured every word. The project ideas in the second part of the book are terrific, too. The Spoonflower Handbook is not budging from my shelf. I have fabric for pillows and some custom gift wrap at the tippy top of my to-do list. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the authors and to the company called Spoonflower that make the magic possible.



IMG_1995You can also find my work in print in these great books!

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1,000 Fabulous Knit Hats – My Project: Pied Piper Tam.  Although the pattern for my tam isn’t included in the book, you can download the Pied Piper Chart here at Ravelry.

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