Cancellations & Withdrawals

For classes that are hosted by Becka Rahn (including classes held at HeartFelt Silks Studio) the withdrawal and cancellation policy is as follows.


I understand that an unexpected conflict will occasionally come up and I appreciate the advanced notice if you are not able to attend class. To receive a full refund of your class fees, you may withdraw your registration from class 7 days before the start of class. (ie. if your class is scheduled for a Sunday, you must withdraw by midnight on the Sunday before class.) Withdrawals should be made in writing via email to

If you withdraw less than 7 days before your class is scheduled to begin, I will refund your class fee, minus a $5 processing fee (to cover credit card charges.)

If you withdraw less than 24 hours before your class is scheduled to begin, there will be no refund.

Refunds will be processed via credit card. If you withdraw more than 60 days after you have completed payment, my credit card processor will no longer allow credit card refunds and your refund will be processed and mailed via check.


I will do my best to only cancel classes in the case of emergencies or inclement weather situations. Students will be contacted as soon as possible to be notified of a cancellation. I will do my best to reschedule/postpone classes. In the case that a cancelled class cannot be rescheduled, you will receive a full refund of your registration fees.

Classes hosted by partner organizations

For all classes not hosted by Becka Rahn, the cancellation and withdrawal policy of the sponsoring organization applies. This includes classes hosted at Dakota County Libraries, conferences and events, Weavers Guild of MN etc.

Online Classes

There is no withdrawal or cancellation policy for online classes. All registrations are final.