8 December, 2016

Holiday Ornaments: Deer in the Headlights Tutorial

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img_0600I made these little deer ornaments originally as gifts for my co-workers one year. A friend took one look at the goggle-eyed deer and said “That’s what deer in the headlights look like.” The name stuck.


  • felt, 4×5 inch piece in any color
  • embroidery thread and sewing thread, any color
  • scrap of fabric about 4 by 5 inches
  • fusible paper-backed webbing (like Heat N Bond Lite or Wonder Under)
  • 8 mm sequins, white or another pastel color
  • a few dark colored seed beads


  • pencil
  • beading needle or small sewing needle
  • iron & ironing board
  • small sharp scissors like Fiskars microtip


1.  Right-click or option-click on the deer pattern piece to save the pattern piece below to your computer. Then print it out. Trace the deer pattern on to the paper backed fusible webbing.  Following the instructions on the packaging, iron it to fuse it on to the back of your scrap fabric.deerheadlights

2.  Cut out your deer.

3.  Peel off the paper backing from the felt deer and place the deer, glue side […]

7 December, 2016

Holiday Ornaments: Becky’s Birdies Tutorial

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I decided to give you all a gift this year. For many years I sold patterns for all kinds of things in my Etsy shop, including a bunch of simple holiday ornaments. But I have really changed the focus of my shop and what I am doing and I phased out those patterns a while ago. But I still have them and they are really cute and they shouldn’t just sit here on my computer with no one using them. So I decided that I would post them here for free as my gift to you.


img_0459The first one is a variation on an ornament I made with my mom when I was about 2 years old. She says I “helped”. I have the original on my Christmas tree and used it as the inspiration for this pattern.


  • two pieces of felt, 4 x 6 inches each in 2 coordinating colors
  • 6 inch piece of narrow ribbon
  • embroidery thread in a coordinating color


  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • pins


1.  Pin the pattern pieces to the felt and cut two birds and two wings.

2.  Place the bird pieces so that […]

19 September, 2012

Petite Purls Issue 13

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The new issue of Petite Purls e-zine is out and I am a contributor. Petite Purls is a knitting magazine that focuses on projects for kids.  This summer they decided to do a mash-up issue that combines sewing and knitting patterns (sometimes even in the same project).  They asked me if I would like to contribute something and I immediately thought of this Treasure Dog project.  My friend Rae also has her instructions for some cute kids pants, there’s a sweet little apron pattern and a baby sweater with a pocket on the front, which just makes me giggle.

I have been dying to share this tutorial, because I LOVE this project.  I originally came up with the idea because we had some leftover pre-quilted cotton at a summer camp and I wanted to use it up on zipper bags, which the kids love to make.  Plain black was pretty boring and so by adding a little felt and some ribbon, I created this sweet black lab with floppy ears.  We also made dog bone shaped keychains in the same class.  The […]

27 May, 2012

Congratulations to the Winners

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Congratulations to the Winners of my Blog Giveaway Day prizes!  I chose prize winners a bunch of different ways, so you had lots of opportunities to win.

For the looms, the random number generator chose:

Susan – Who said “Those looms are fabulous! I’d have to say my favorite fiber is merino wool. I absolutely love knitting with it. :)

and I chose:

Jamie – Who said “Favorite fiber! My CVM ewe Cameo has the best fiber in the world! I love to spin it and it felts like a dream. Love your loom, what a clever idea!”

Because who can resist a girl who raises her own favorite fiber.  I have friends who would be green with envy of Jamie.


For the “High in Fiber” bandanas, the random number generator chose:

Breanna – Who said “my favorite fibers are merino and BFL. I started spinning with merino but recently have really enjoyed BFL.”

Julianna – Who said “Hi! What a great giveaway :) I love wool. My fave breeds are merino, polwarth and BFL. I am also on a wool/silk spinning kick. A delicious combination!”

Sharmie […]

21 May, 2012

It is time once again for GIVEAWAY DAY!

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That’s right, it is Blog Giveaway Day once again.  This is a bi-annual event, co-ordinated by the hard-working team at SewMamaSew.  Bloggers participate by offering a giveaway on their blog and then linking up to the SewMamaSew site so that everyone shows up together as a big giveaway party.  So be sure to jump over there and browse the other giveaways too!



These were a big hit last year, so I am giving away two again this year: Little Loom Kits.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to weave?  I designed these looms and have them lasercut from bright colored acrylic plastic.  They are a simple frame style loom, just right for making coasters and little squares of woven fabric.  Knitters – you can use up all of your scrap yarn!  The “kit” comes with the complete instructions, the loom, three needle-style shuttles and a “beater” comb for packing the rows together.  They are fun and easy to learn.


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