Congratulations to the Winners of my Blog Giveaway Day prizes!  I chose prize winners a bunch of different ways, so you had lots of opportunities to win.

For the looms, the random number generator chose:

Susan – Who said “Those looms are fabulous! I’d have to say my favorite fiber is merino wool. I absolutely love knitting with it. :)

and I chose:

Jamie – Who said “Favorite fiber! My CVM ewe Cameo has the best fiber in the world! I love to spin it and it felts like a dream. Love your loom, what a clever idea!”

Because who can resist a girl who raises her own favorite fiber.  I have friends who would be green with envy of Jamie.


For the “High in Fiber” bandanas, the random number generator chose:

Breanna – Who said “my favorite fibers are merino and BFL. I started spinning with merino but recently have really enjoyed BFL.”

Julianna – Who said “Hi! What a great giveaway :) I love wool. My fave breeds are merino, polwarth and BFL. I am also on a wool/silk spinning kick. A delicious combination!”

Sharmie – Who said “my favourite fiber is wool… as a knitter i appreciate its magical abilities a LOT! :) thanks for sharing this great giveaway. i would SO love to make woven coasters as presents.”

and I chose these two because of their unusual favorite fiber choices:

Kirsty – Who said “When I awoke this morning it was -1 degree Celsius, with Winter well and truly on its way, so I’d have to say my favourite fibre right now is a possum/merino mix. I have gloves and a scarf in this and they are so deliciously toasty warm as well as being super soft. Possums are pests here in NZ, and we have about 40 million sheep as well, so I like the idea of being able to make something wonderful out of such an abundant resource.”

Dina – My favourite fibre is yarn made from sugar cane. It has a lovely sheen, is cool to the touch,cool to wear and looks great.

I actually have a skein of merino/possum which I thought was the strangest thing in the world and Kirsty has given me a new appreciation for it.  I am totally looking for a skein of sugar cane yarn when I am next at my favorite LYS (they are having a big sale this weekend).

Emails have all gone out to these ladies and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who visited and commented.