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Hand-dyeing your own fibers can be intimidating. How do you know which dye to use? Heat or no heat? Salt? Acid? This class will break it down into the chemistry you need to know. Using commercial dyes, we will dye small samples of yarn and fabrics in cotton, silk, nylon, wool and more. Get the specifics for which dye to use when, the process you need for each kind of fiber, how to get the colors and effects you want and most especially how to work with dyes in ways that are safe and earth-friendly. Finally, learn some troubleshooting techniques for when things don’t come out the way you envisioned and dispell some old dyers “wives tales”.

Equipment note: Please bring an apron (or clothes that you can get messy) and a pair of well-fitting rubber gloves (latex or vinyl, like the kind used at doctors’ offices or the kind you use for washing dishes.) By “well-fitting” I mean that it is very helpful if they fit pretty closely and aren’t floppy or clumsy.

Materials fee $20, payable to the instructor