MN Quilter’s Virtual Conference: A Spoonful of Spoonflower

Zoom/Online Event

Designing fabric is more than just putting pencil to paper or generating pixels in Photoshop; it's about connecting and sharing stories and ideas. Get a tour of what it's like to design fabrics and print them using Spoonflower, a web-based service for printing your own fabric designs. Get the scoop on the technical details of uploading and proofing your files, see samples of different fabrics and walk through the process from start to finish. We'll also talk cost-saving tips for getting the most out of your yard of fabric, ways to proof designs and more. Skill level: All levels.

$10 – $12

MN Quilter’s Virtual Conference: Designing Kaleidoscope Geometrics

Zoom/Online Event

Get a taste of what it is like to digitally design and print your own fabric with Spoonflower. We'll start with cut paper, transform it to pixels, and create a seamlessly repeating complex geometric pattern all in one session. No special software or computer skills are required; you can create amazing patterns using just your web browser and some simple design tools. You will see all of the steps to design a fabric from start to finish and get started with your own fabric designs. No fabric design experience necessary, but you should be comfortable with basic computer skills like opening and saving a file, copy/paste, and navigating a web browser. This class will be presented as a Zoom demo/webinar with detailed live Q&A. Because it is not feasible to complete a project on your computer while simultaneously watching a Zoom presentation, you will complete this project on your own after class has ended. You do not need any special software or equipment for this class; all parts of the project can be completed using your own computer and basic web browser. You will need access to a scanner or basic camera (point and shoot or phone camera) to [...]

$20 – $24

MN Quilters Virtual Conference: Selling Your Fabric Designs is as Easy as TACOS

Zoom/Online Event

Have you dreamed of being a fabric designer? Spoonflower is a print-on-demand service with a Marketplace of thousands of designs that are created by designers all over the world and are available for anyone to purchase by the swatch or by the yard. Anyone can be a designer by uploading a design and getting a proof swatch. Once it's available for sale, you get a commission on every purchase. The most important thing you need to know to get started? TACOS! Learn how Theme, Audience, Color, Object, Scale are the key to success when selling your designs and get answers to your questions about copyright, copycats and more. Skill level: All levels.

$10 – $12

Designing Your Own Digitally Printed Fabrics

Touchstone Center for Craft 1049 WHARTON FURNACE RD, Farmington

From Rectangles to Repeats: Learn to design your own fabrics with Spoonflower, working with Adobe Photoshop as a fabric design tool. Using photographs, paintings, drawings and cut paper textures as starting points for your designs, class time will be focused on practice with digital tools and techniques for creating seamless textures, learning how to work with layers, and understanding the techniques to accomplish specific effects. You will see hands-on samples of all of the Spoonflower fabrics and talk about optimizing your design for printing on different surfaces, troubleshooting color and scale, and choosing the right fabric for your project. You do not need drawing or painting skills; no experience with Photoshop or fabric design is necessary, although you should be comfortable with basic computer functions (copy/paste, saving and uploading files, working with a thumbdrive). You will leave class with several print-ready design files and will receive printed swatches of your designs mailed to you after class. Visit to learn more about this platform.

$585 – $615

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