I just wanted to show you a few snapshots from the new book Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders. I have two designs in this book: Seafarer’s Tricorn Hat and Knight in Shining Armor (pages 375 & 378). After the last book, I really wanted to make some things for boys. There is never enough cute stuff to sew for boys and I have lots of nephews that I have done lots of sewing for. (These would be equally cute on a girl, too.)

Great for pirates, history day, or just dress up fun.

The hat is cuter than it looks in this photo. I am not sure why they decided to “style” it by hanging it on a chair. Hats go on your head! (As much as I am delighted with the book, I do have to share a little grumble. I can tell by looking at this, that they popped the stitching and the third side of the hat is flopped down in the back instead of curled up like it should be. It looks a little like someone sat on it. Delighted to be in the book at all, just a little disappointed that the photography staff made this look a little lame.)

Once again, the photo doesn’t come close to doing this justice. I am so proud of how cute the helmet is and it is just plopped in the chair.

The diagrams are great though. I think they really help you understand how to put it together.

My very talented sister was a pattern tester for me, so you can see how adorably cute my nephew is. She created the sword and shield to complete the ensemble. (His sister was a dragon.)

I will be giving away a copy of the book- Giveaway Day starts Monday so stop back!