It’s almost time for Halloween (a look back at our annual card)


Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I imagine most of you have figured that out by now if you’ve been popping in here at the blog for any length of time.  Every year my husband and I do a Halloween photoshoot.  We’ve been doing this for years now.  Some people do photos for their Christmas cards, we do Halloween.  The collage above are some of the “greatest hits”.  (You should be able to click on the photo to see it larger.)   Each is about 80% photo and 20% Photoshop magic.  Clockwise they are:  The Evil Queen and the Magic Mirror (powered by Google), Sweethearts, Star Trek (with guest appearance of Lucy), Mr and Mrs. Lincoln, I Dream of Jeanne, Andrew Rahn: Double Reed, Vaudeville Magicians and Alice & the Cheshire Cat.  The theme for the year is always top secret and I am busily sewing the costumes for this year’s installment, which will be posted on Halloween.  I hope you are having fun this week with some costume or decorating projects to fit the season!

One Thought on “It’s almost time for Halloween (a look back at our annual card)

  1. You have done some fantastic cards! Looking forward to Saturday!

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