Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grants: You are invited!

On Thursday September 3 from 6-8 pm is the opening reception for “You Know Who You Are”, the final exhibition for the 2014/15 recipients of the Jerome Foundation Fiber Artist Project Grants.

I was one of this year’s grantees and I have been working on my project since January.  The program is designed so that you apply with a project plan.  Your project should be something that will help you take the next step in your artistic career, and you get to determine what that is.  I decided that my major goal was to have an exhibition of a small collection of my work. (That is a standard part of the program.)

The way I would create the new work would be through a series of conversations with three other artists.  In each conversation, my goal was to learn a new way of thinking about something, especially new ways of designing digitally. There are very few resources to learn digital design skills, especially if you are beyond the beginner “Photoshop 101” stage, so I chose a model of learning from my peers about the way they approach design.  I will post more about these conversations and the pieces that I created as “duets” with my partners in these next days leading up to the exhibition opening.

I would love to see you at the exhibition if you are in the area.

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