I have done a complete redesign of my blog space. I spent most of the weekend tweaking and fussing and I think it is ready to go. I switched the “engine” that processes everything to blogger, having realized that it really is easier than the cludgy old interface I was using. Thank you greymatter, you served me well.

  • You can still find my old blog entries in the “My Old Blog” link in the right sidebar.
  • I have a pretty new book list that should be much easier to keep up to date.
  • I will have categories that you can click on to see all of my entries about “Lucy” or “enamels”. (You can’t see those really yet, but as I make more posts you will!)

Let me know if you see anything that is broken. After you look at it a few thousand times, you stop seeing things.

EDIT: I see that uploading pictures is not working. grrr. I am working on that.
EDIT 2: Think I fixed that….