Project Tiara Part 2

The Framework

This is silver coated copper wire. It is very stiff, which is great, but makes it a bit of a challenge to work with. It seemed a little heavy here or somewhat cartoonish but the more beads I add, the better it looks, as you will see.

Here I have started to add the base of beads. I am putting more color towards the band and less as I go up, so this is full of purple, amber, green and orange. I think I am probably working with about 30 different kinds of beads. I have them sorted out by “layers” – large beads and more saturated colors towards the base and smaller, sparkly and more transparent towards the top.

And the winner is…

The winner of our “Sewing Stories Contest” is…


Please email me at beckarahn {at} with your mailing address and I will send your prize.

Lucy did the name drawing. She loves paper.

Project Tiara

Step One: Materials Acquisition

I volunteered to make a tiara for my sister for her upcoming wedding. Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to add to my bead supply and get a few extra things. Who knew that this…

was such a difficult thing to find. I have removed the white headband so I am working with just the comb. Next, starting to build the wire “crown”.

My bead collection for this project is mostly in the frosted/white/clear range, but I am adding purple and warm coppery amber to the mix for the base so it has some color. Her flowers are all warm autumn colors and we, the bridesmaids, are in deep eggplant purple, so I am working with those colors in mind.

one fish, two fish….

…red fish, blue fish.
There was a thunderstorm last night and they say you should go to the basement if it’s hailing and stuff like that, so Lucy and I went to the basement and made these earrings. Can’t stop creating just because it’s raining!


Well, stitch me to the mainsail and throw me over! It be talk like a pirate day and I didn’t even know it! Methinks some pirate talk would have brought a little sparkle to me day.

A Contest! Sewing Stories

In celebration of discovering my new-old favorite sewing machine, I am going to give away one of these little ornaments…
(your prize will be made up special just for you, so the fabrics won’t match this photo exactly)

To enter, just leave a comment about your favorite sewing or crafting tool (sewing machine, thimble, scissors or humble seam ripper? You tell me!) I will randomly draw for a winner on September 24.

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