You can take your babydoll and $%#@ it!

Dear Clothing Designers;
What were you thinking? The babydoll style top looks cute on a sum total of 2 types of people on the entire planet – anyone under the age of 4 and anyone within 4 months of their due date. I spent the entire morning trying to figure out if I was in the maternity section of the department store or not. Baby doll dresses, jackets, sweaters, t-shirts & turtlenecks! Shame on you. Are you all out there having a good laugh? And while we are at it, when did I slip off the end of the size chart? I understand that the average size of women has been going up but I am now forced in to the juniors department to find a skirt in my size! As I am not interested in showing off my butt crack, belly button or bra straps, I don’t find this really an acceptable alternative.

maple bags

Pyramid Bags with Kaffe Fassett fabric and dupioni silk applique. When I saw the Kaffe fabric in the perfect fall colors, I had to get it. (I met Kaffe at a visit to the Textile Center a while back.) The leaves are a raw edge applique stitched with variegated thread. Did you know that Coats & Clark thread completely repackaged and reformulated their thread? I walked right past it at Joann fabrics! The thread is now 100% polyester rather than poly/cotton. So far I don’t seem to mind the difference. I think the poly is supposed to be less linty. Anyhow, as you may have guessed, these are for the wedding. Gifts for a couple of teenaged nieces that are helping with various jobs.

The Kindness of Strangers

On Sunday we decided to go to breakfast at a little local diner. It’s the kind of place where you just come in and grab a table. We arrived at the door, dashing through the rain at the same time as a couple about my parents age, and found that there was just one open table for 4. The gentleman looked over at us and said “Come sit with us!” We said “Why not?”. We had a delightful breakfast, drank many many cups of coffee and ended up all trading business cards and email addresses at the end. When we went to pay, he said “Let me get that. We’ll pretend like we had breakfast with the kids.” (do I hear an “awwww!”)

Then we stopped in a local yarn shop. We were heading to a friend’s house and wanted to take along something to knit, but I had left my knitting at home. Andy came in wearing his “San Jose Museum of Art” shirt which prompted a whole conversation with the yarn shop owners who came from the San Jose area. One was an engineer for Apple Computer in a former life and they had an in depth conference about various Adobe products and what was best for a slide show they are trying to make.

It was a day for meeting new and interesting people for sure.

The only reason I would want a Video iPod…

(You can subscribe at iTunes.)
You can also watch them on your computer, which I am doing right now as I type. “Newspaper is the word on the street.”

Tiara Thursday!

Here is more done. I have put on the large crystals and started making “points”. So far so good. I have been commissioned to do some waterfall/chandelier earrings to match. Fun stuff.

Full of Dragons

You might notice that my “What I’m Reading” is full of dragons right now. Naomi Novik’s 4th book came out today. I adore her Temeraire books. I have long been a fan of anything with dragons – I think I have read Anne McCaffrey’s books almost once a year since I was 12. I am waiting just a few days to go and get my copy of “Empire of Ivory” as I just started re-reading the first three books in anticipation. This is only my second read of these and I am still loving them. I frequently reread books (unlike Andy who never does – weirdo). I like the way you can relive a good story, I don’t ever mind that I already know how it ends. Anyhow, I recommend them to anyone who needs a little dragon in their life.

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