Project Description

Dragons and Lanterns

Created for a Spoonflower weekly design challenge theme of “Chinoiserie”. The challenge specs described it as: “Chinoiserie, meaning “Chinese-like”, is a Western movement interpreting popular Chinese artistic styles. Traditionally found in the home as designs on wallpaper, jars, vases and tea sets in the 18th century, the iconic blue and white patterns feature motifs of dragons, nature scenes, pagodas and foo dogs are making a comeback.”

I decided to go with that painted porcelain look and so I hand painted these dragons and lantern patterns. This is unusual for me because I really dislike painting. I’ve never really grooved on it. In college, I didn’t want to take art classes because all of the pre-reqs for everything were a bunch of painting classes. I finally just realized I could own it. I don’t like painting. I don’t find it compelling. But I really wanted to have that paint look. And I don’t think you can really fake that in Photoshop. (And painting in Photoshop is 100% less enjoyable than getting out a brush.) So these guys were painted and scanned and then the repeat assembled in Photoshop.

Some of the original painted art used to create the design.

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