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Classes & Lectures

My teaching fee for classes is $25-$50 per hour for local venues. Price is based on the style of class (lecture vs hands-on) and the special preparation/equipment needed.  For venues outside of the Twin Cities metro area, I charge a flat fee of $150 (for a 2-3 hour class) plus mileage to and from your venue.

I can teach everywhere from living rooms, to hotel ballrooms to 4H barns.  If you’d love to host a class but don’t have a venue, just ask!   I have contacts with many local shops and organizations and am happy to help coordinate just the right spot for your class.

There is an additional fee for materials for many of the hands-on classes.  I prefer to provide everything you will need for a class to make sure that everyone has the appropriate materials to be successful.  For some classes, students will need to bring along a few items like photos to use for inspiration or a laptop for tech classes.

If you would like to know the specifics for a class, just drop me a note and I will put together a class proposal for you that includes the specific budget, classroom setup, maximum number of students, materials etc.

What about online classes?

I love creative tech solutions.  While I don’t offer online classes at this time, I am totally willing to teach a live class or consult via Skype, Google Hangout or another online service.  Contact me and we can chat about the possibilities!

Visiting Artist Workshops

If you are outside of the Twin Cities area and would like me to come and teach an advanced or multiple day workshop at your location, I would love to put together a custom proposal for you.  Fees will include teaching time, transportation & lodging, airfare/mileage.  I will work with you to make this as affordable as possible.  Just drop me a note and we can discuss the options.

One-on-One Teaching, Mentoring, Consulting

  • $25 per hour
  • Generally I prefer to work in 2 hour sessions.  With technical topics, I have learned that students start to really lose steam after 2 hours.  I am happy to do multiple sessions, but highly recommend no more than 2 hours at a time.
  • We will agree on a specific lesson goal/outcome ahead of time and materials/tools/equipment needed.  Examples of specific goals:  I want to take this painting and learn how to set it up to print it on fabric sized for a pillow cover. I have this set of photos which I want to edit to make them look good and resize to the specifications to this grant.  Examples of NOT specific goals: I want to learn Photoshop.
  • Topics/projects could include:
    • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (with a specific topic/project/technique)
    • Digital fabric design
    • Grant/Exhibition proposal prep (photo editing, proofreading/critique)
    • Etsy Shop critique (overview of policies, About Me page, individual items/descriptions etc)
    • Marketing yourself: helping you set up and understand a social media platform.  (ie what is Pinterest and what do I do with it?)
    • Coaching for how to teach your own classes (proofreading handouts, critique of curriculum, helping write great class descriptions).

Email me at beckarahn {at} gmail  . com to start a conversation or fill out this form:

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