They are finally ready!  This is my new “little frame loom” kit for your own weaving projects.  I teach beginning weaving to kids and get asked a lot about what would be a good loom to buy for a kid.  I feel like a lot of the “toy” looms out there are either overly complicated or too flimsy to be really workable.  There was also a fad online for little vintage “Weave-it” looms, which got me thinking I should design my own.  I was already making the tiny ornament version, so Andy and I just scaled this up.

This one is big enough to weave a piece that is about 4×5 inches, with or without fringes.  It is made from laser cut acrylic plastic – I have had them made in translucent blue and red.  You get the loom, a “beater” comb for packing the rows of weaving together and 3 needle-style shuttles, 2 short and 1 long.  I am pretty sure I am going to sell the kit for $18 and possibly a “deluxe” version that comes with yarn and some bonus project ideas, maybe all in a fabric zipper bag.  The best part for me is that it isn’t strictly a kid loom.  It’s not dumbed down or cutesy (or pink or sparkly).  I think boys will like it too and with some help warping, I think even pretty little kids could do some fun projects.

We tried it in bamboo originally, but it turned out to be too splintery.  Not a problem with the tiny ornaments, but totally a problem when you are making a real tool.  I think I could make the bamboo version with an added step of sanding and finishing with a light sealer or wax, but that will make the price go up and I don’ t think it’s worth that.  The translucent plastic is pretty and it is slightly flexible, so I think these will hold up to some wear and tear.

This is the first project I have finished, a little fringed coaster with some tapestry weave as well as plain rows.  I took pictures as I was making this piece so that I can start to put together an instruction sheet to go with the looms.