23 July, 2020

Cancelled – Hands On Photo Editing for Artists

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Don’t know your MB from your DPI? This session will help you out with the vocabulary of digital photographs and images. Every publication, grant application and call-for-entry has a different set of requirements for your images. Learn how to re-size, crop and rename your images to fit the requirements for submitting them and most especially to translate and unravel the requirements with confidence. Learn some simple photo edits to brighten dull images, touch up stray fibers and balance colors. We will do a number of practice exercises and have time for questions and discussion.

You will need a laptop with an up-to-date web browser for class or you may borrow one from the instructor (limited number available.) To RSVP a laptop, please complete the form here.

REGISTER HERE: https://beckarahn.square.site/product/hands-on-photo-editing-for-artists/33

This class is held at HeartFelt Silks Studio.

9 November, 2016

Photos on Fabric

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There are many ways of printing photos on fabric to add to your fiber art pieces, but how do you make sure it prints at the right size or color? This class will help you take the guesswork out of photos on fabric. We will talk about printing to exact sizes and editing color and contrast to get the best results. Want to put more than one photo on your piece of fabric? Learn different ways to do that too. Finally, we will talk about kinds of fabric, the washfastness and durability of many different printing options. Students are required to bring a laptop, or may reserve one with the instructor.

5 August, 2016

HGA Convergence: Photo Boot Camp

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This session is presented as a part of the Handweavers Guild of America Convergence Conference.  You can buy a day pass to the conference or tickets to individual sessions. See website for details.

This is a crash course in quick tricks you can use to take better photos of your art work. Learn about lighting, camera settings, and strategies to set up the shot. Watch demos of simple photo edits and learn how to tell whether something is “Photoshop-able” or not.


22 February, 2016

Upcoming Classes: Artist Development in March!

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I have three different artist development classes coming up in March: Etsy Behind the Scenes, Marketing Yourself Online and Photo Basics.

Etsy Behind the Scenes (March 1) takes you on a tour of my Etsy shop.  I show you what it’s like to run a shop from behind the scenes and how to use all of the special tools and features built in to Etsy.  It is a fast paced class, but packed with information for beginners or artists on the fence about opening a shop.

Marketing Yourself  (March 7) is a compare and contrast of more than six different social media sites and how you can make the most of them as an artist.  I will help you decide which ones really can be used to meet your goals as an artist whether it’s making sales, educating, connecting or reaching a broader audience.

Photo Basics (March 28) isn’t about taking photos, it’s about what to do with them once you have them. It seems like every place you need to upload or submit a photo needs to have it in some special size and […]