Video Tutorial: Origami collapsing box

In honor of Uncle Lester. This origami box was in a book that Lester gave my dad. My sister and I loved the book when we were kids and had to be very respectful and careful with it. This is the first origami project that I memorized. The thing I love about this box is that it starts with a rectangle and not a square. Which means you can make it with a piece of typing paper (or bright pink construction paper). Which is a very cool thing when you don’t have much allowance money to spend on fancy origami paper. (Leo makes a brief appearance and comment).

2 Thoughts on “Video Tutorial: Origami collapsing box

  1. Squeak to Leo, too! Neat tutorial – I had to make my own box right away! Must show Thomas – might inspire him to make some tutorials of his own. Again thanks to Great Uncle Lester!

  2. Mother of the Artist on November 21, 2014 at 10:08 pm said:

    “Me ‘n Beth need to go to …., we need…, ” “We won’t make a mess, we promise” “We really need origami paper, we can’t possibly make it with regular paper!” “Who’s Hobby House has origami paper.”

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