Works in Progress Wednesday

As of tomorrow, I will have 3 art quilts on exhibit simultaneously at three different galleries.  How cool is that??

This is “Chicken Little”.  He is currently on display as part of “A Common Thread”, annual Textile Center members’ exhibition.  8″x9″, cotton fabrics with some handdyed by me, hand embroidered, hand stitched, machine quilted.  I made it originally for the MN State Fair’s “Quilt-On-A-Stick” but then I spaced out the deadline and didn’t get it turned in on time.  So I saved it so it could be in this show.

This is “Intersect”, which is on display starting tomorrow at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for “A Foot in the Door”.  11 1/2 inches square.  My handdyed cotton, machine pieced, hand embroidered.

My quilt for the Project Patchwork Ikea Challenge

And this one, “Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?” is traveling with the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo and is currently in Tampa, FL.

4 Thoughts on “Works in Progress Wednesday

  1. Chicken Little really turned out well, including the embroidered legs & feet. But I have to admit, Raven is my favorite…I love him!

  2. I love the chicken! Your mom had fun taking pictures of the chickens that day and who would have guessed you’d be inspired. Thank you!
    Mary, Gay Boy and the girls

  3. I love them all but I think the hand dyed one is my favorite!! So tiny….such beautiful work!!

  4. Oh, Becka! When I saw the rooster, I got a little jumpy because I love it so much. Then I read that you hand dyed the cotton in the second, beautiful one. And, when I scrolled to the third, I literally got goosebumps. These are all so wonderful. It’s not hard to believe that you’re in three different quilt exhibits. It’s hard to believe you’re in *only* three. 🙂

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