Portfolio & Gallery

Original fabric designs and artist made garments by Becka Rahn.

Click any image for design details and larger version.

Glaciology, 2011.Glaciology (detail), 2011All Eyes. 2016All Eyes. 2016Trout.By George, She's Got It. 2016.Viewfinder. 2016Tesserae, 2015.Flight (of Stairs).Shadows (detail).Shadows, 2016.Kelp. 2015Flight (of Stairs), 2014.Chevrons, 2015.Chevrons (detail) 2014.Squid Damask.Tweed (detail), 2013.Coffee & DonutsTweed (detail), 2011Maple Leaf RagBecause They Don't Know the WordsAdelie.Off the Grid. 2016Choose your Own Adventure (detail), 2015.Choose your Own Adventure, 2015.Choose Your Own Adventure (fabric detail)Seven, 2015.SanderlingsMosaic, 2012.Feathered, 2015.waterlilyYou Can Take the Girl out of the Country, 2015.Here Be Dragons.Sashay, 2013Permafrost, 2014.ExesHelix. 2014.Strut, 2011Strut (fabric detail)LiliesTempo Rubato. 2014.Glazed, 2015Wallflower, 2011.Editorial Buzz.Hello Neighbor (detail) 2016.Look Both Ways (detail) 2016Busy Bodies (detail) 2016.Hello Neighbor 2016I See Art Every Day (cover). 2016IMG_4165IMG_4167