Online Classes

Announcement: My online classes are moving to my website in early 2023.

The classes you see listed below are hosted on Teachable. Unfortunately Teachable has decided to change their platform and pricing structure with no notice and I am unwilling to continue using their service. If you have previously registered for one of these classes, you can still access your class as usual through 2023. No NEW registrations will be accepted after December 15, 2022 (when Teachable’s new system goes into effect.) I will be transferring all of these classes to my website and hosting them here as soon as possible in 2023. We’ll have some great new features and and ways to earn points for free bonus classes (I think). Please add yourself to my newsletter list to stay up to date for when the new classes are ready to launch.

I have more classes! See my Classes & Events Page for Online Classes that are live virtual events held on Zoom.

Fabric Design & Surface Design

Start here with my “Spoonflower 101” class. This is a free class about uploading & ordering your first design, proofing with samplers and learning how to make a design for sale. It’s the ideal class for beginners who are new to fabric design. You don’t need any special software or skills to get started. This is your first step and “Step One” in the title means that it will be a pre-requisite for many of my other classes. Click the image to learn more and register.

Get started with simple but powerful graphic design app, Pixlr, to design fabric. Pixlr works right in your web browser and is an easy and accessible tool to start designing your own fabrics, graphics and more. Click the image to learn more and register.

Everything you ever wanted to know about working with color and Spoonflower. Choosing a personal palette; understanding RGB, HEX and more, troubleshooting when digitally printing, managing color swatches & libraries and more. Click the image to learn more.

Etsy Shop Series

Need help getting started with your Etsy shop? This series is a deep dive into specific topics about running your Etsy shop. I’ve had my shops for more than 15 years and I am an alumni of the Etsy U program, so I have had extra training to help you make the most of your Etsy Shop. Want to take the whole series? Register for the Improving Your Etsy Shop class Bundle, which includes all four of the classes below, and get a little discount!

We’ll talk about Etsy Search, Google Search, the importance of titles & tags and understanding how to optimize your listings so you get found. The key to making a sale in your Etsy shop is first getting found in search. Making sure that your listings are set up to make the most out of the search engine algorithms is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your shop is successful. Click the image to learn more. Registration is open.

If shipping your items is the biggest hurdle to opening your Etsy shop or the biggest headache to running your shop, then this class is for you. Learn how to develop your shipping strategy to make shipping your items more predictable and less time consuming. We will dive deep into understanding all of the dozens of shipping related settings in your shop, make sure you understand all of the shipping vocabulary, and make shipping your items less stressful, less expensive and less time consuming. Click the image to read more. Registration is open now.

Strategies for using the colors, fonts and even the way you write about your work to make it stand out in the crowd and look more appealing and professional. Your Etsy brand is a lot more than just picking out the tissue paper that matches your logo. Understanding your brand and being strategic about it helps you connect with the customers who want to buy what you are selling. Click the image to learn more.

Learn about advertising on Etsy. We’ll talk about Etsy Ads and their new Offsite Ads program and how advertising can help your shop grow. Click the image to learn more. Registration is open.

Learn to write compelling and informative item descriptions that will make your customers want to buy your items. We will also go through step-by-step how to setup Variations and Personalization on your items. Writing great descriptions and helping customers choose options for your items will make communication better with your customers, reduce the questions you have to answer and help you get orders out faster and more accurately. Click the image to learn more. Registration is open.

GREAT class. Every section Becka tackled were the ones I was struggling with and she explained things carefully and in layman’s terms. Thank you!

A student from the Etsy Search class

You can get all 5 Improve Your Etsy Shop Classes as a bundle for a discounted price! Check out the Improve Your Etsy Shop Bundle.

Artist Tech Skills Series

My Artist Tech Skills Series is designed to help walk you through common technology-related tasks that many artists find they need to do as part of the business of making and selling their art. These classes cover topics like designing your own business card, printing labels for fabric goods, simple photo edits and more.

In this class we are going to cover making sew-in fabric labels for your textile and fabric goods. There are federal regulations that require garments, home goods and many other things made from fabrics to have labels with specific information on them. It can be difficult to find pre-made labels that have the right information on them for your specific goods and it can be expensive to source them, especially if you only need a small amount, so this class is going to show you how to make your own simply and inexpensively.  Click the image to learn more & register.

Learn how to design and print your own business cards. You will learn to use simple and low cost apps to create the design and see several options for printing them at home or online. Get ideas for ways to use your business cards as more than just a hand out, but to help you connect to customers. Click the image to learn more & register.

Learn to take better photos of your work to use for online shops like Etsy or your own website. We’ll talk about how to set up to get better photos and quick basic edits that can take your photos to the next level. Click the image to learn more and register.

Becka makes this SOOO easy! Step by step, and about a half hour later I have a sheet of labels printed!!! Thanks so much.

A student from the Fabric Labels class

Learn three ways to create cover or banner images for your online shops and social media. We’ll talk about the specifics to set up your designs to be the exact size and shape they need to be to look awesome. Click the image to learn more & register.

The video lessons in this class series now have transcribed captions thanks to a generous grant from Fiber Art Now.

Other Classes

Learn five techniques for making art with everyday materials. These are fun and fast projects you can do with materials that you probably have in a craft drawer or pantry cupboard. In each 15-20 minute lesson I’ll show you how to make three or four different designs that each fit on a postcard. Every project has some kind of recycled component that is used to make the art. We’ll make designs from magazines and envelopes, cut pieces from an old kitchen sponge, reuse cereal boxes and wrapping paper, and combine things in new ways. You won’t need to go out and buy anything new but can use what you have to play and experiment with new techniques.

Learn how to plan, prepare, promote, and teach an awesome hands-on class. From setting goals and writing your description to fine tuning your supply list and managing students at different skill levels, this online class goes in-depth to help you craft the best class you can. Includes video lessons, downloadable worksheets and instructor feedback on your lesson plan. Click the image to learn more. Registration is open now!

A few quick facts and FAQs

  • I have moved all of my classes from Coursecraft to Teachable. If you were previously registered at Coursecraft, click through and register again to regain access to your class.
  • These lessons work great on computers, laptops or iPad/tablet. Depending on the class topic, you may need to use a computer to follow along with some of the hands-on projects. You don’t need any special software to watch the video or participate in class. It all works in your regular web browser.
  • Also, please note that there are no affiliate links on this website or in any of my classes. I do not get commissions, discounts, kickbacks, or any special consideration for any of the apps, websites, services, products or books that I discuss, teach about, link to or recommend in classes.

Class format and what to expect

My classes are like an interactive book.  Each class includes several video lessons, but it’s not like a craft TV show that you just sit back and watch. There will be articles, checklists, downloads, quizzes, and step-by-step instructions to read. Because I teach a lot of computer or technical topics, I will be showing lots of screen capture, so you can see videos of my screen as I am working and you can follow along. Many classes will have downloadable files: handouts, cheat sheets, or files that are set up so you can do the projects with me. Every lesson has a place for you to leave a comment that all students can see and I will ask you questions during class that you can respond to. I try to read and respond to every question or comment you post.


Have a question about online classes or a topic you’d love to see me do? Send me a message!