Crafting a Class

If you want to teach your own hands-on art classes and you don’t know where to get started, this is the class for you. An in-depth class to help you design and teach your own hands-on classes.

If you have taken my intro class with the Craft Industry Alliance, this is the expanded and extended version of that mini class.

I also want to offer teachers who are already out there teaching something a special deal. If you are already teaching a class and you want to take this one to build your skills and try to make your classes better then I want to help you do that! Send an email to with something that shows me what you are teaching (a screenshot of the class registration page, a photo of the class flyer, a link to it on a website) and I will email you a coupon code for 20% off your registration.

Online Classes: Fabric Design with Spoonflower

Learn more about how to design fabrics with Spoonflower, PicMonkey, Photoshop and more. I offer basic classes for beginners that will walk you through designing and uploading your very first design and building skills in PicMonkey. In the near future, I plan to offer intermediate and master classes for students who want to dig in to learning seamless repeats, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. Keep an eye on this page.

A few quick facts and FAQs

  • Classes are offered using the CourseCraft platform. To access the classes, you just have to set up a free account with them and you can do that when you enroll.
  • You can sign in to your account and have access to all of the class materials any time so you can do the class at your own pace and come back to it any time.
  • The lessons work great on computers, laptops or iPad/tablet. (Depending on the class topic, you may need to use a computer to follow along with some of the hands on projects. A tablet won’t work for everything.)
  • You don’t need any special software to watch the video or participate in class. It all works in your regular web browser.

Class format and what to expect

I did a lot of research and surveys and decided to not go with a “craft tv show” kind of class format. I don’t like to just sit and passively watch a video how-to and it turns out that a lot of you don’t really love that either.

So, these classes are not going to be like a 45 minute video for you to sit and watch. They are going to be more like an interactive book. There will be articles, checklists and step-by-step instructions to read. There will be short video clips where I demonstrate hands-on parts of the lesson. I will be showing lots of screen capture, so you can see videos of my screen as I am working and you can follow along. There are even hands-on samples you can get so that you can see the same fabrics I am talking about and follow along with the lesson. Many classes will have downloadable files: handouts, cheat sheets, or files that are set up so you can do the projects with me.

Making Art with Everyday Materials

I also have a series of free art making classes that were produced in partnership with Dakota County Libraries. You can watch those at the Facebook playlist here.


Have a question about online classes or a topic you’d love to see me do? Send me a message!