Project Description



Anxiety is the first in a series of pieces that are conversations about mental health and making those experiences more visible. I asked a group of friends and family members to imagine and describe to me what they thought anxiety looked like: an oil slick, a never-ending waterfall, crackling blue electricity, a white hot dagger between your shoulder blades, heavy and enveloping, a dark forest with movements you can’t quite identify, a glowing red ember. I brought all of those ideas together into the fabric I designed for this piece. Because anxiety is something you can’t always see from the outside I also hid another image in the lining, using a fabric with a woven pattern of creepy crawly insects where only the wearer would see it. The keys to the padlocks that fasten the cape-coat are visible, but perhaps just out of reach. 

Digitally printed cotton sateen and polyester chiffon, fabric designed by the artist, hand beaded