About Stickers for iMessage

Apple’s new iOSX has a new feature for iMessage: stickers! Stickers are like super-sized emoji that you can add to your iMessages. Here’s how you use stickers.

I designed three sets all with original illustrations:

  • I Love Yarn with knitting and crochet designs
  • Sew It Up with sewing machines and embroidery
  • Black Kitty with black cats and their antics

Click the images below to go to the iTunes store to purchase any of the sticker sets.

I just paid for this and it downloaded fine, it was easy enough to find. On iPhone you find it in the bar just above the Apple Emojis. I sent a text with using one of the emojis and it works just great. Very Happy with my purchase!! Did not mind paying the 99¢ for this.

an iTunes user

Need Help?

Did you download a sticker pack and it isn’t showing up anywhere? Looks like it didn’t install?

Sticker packs are an iMessage App, so they work inside iMessages not as their own app. That means there is an extra step to activate it inside iMessage before it shows up. So if you just install it, it looks like it doesn’t work.

Sorry! I know that’s super confusing. I wish Apple made this more clear.

Here is a tutorial that can help! Look at the section that says “Manually add or remove apps that you download”. If you follow this extra step, your stickers will work.

Privacy Policy

You might want to know about my privacy policy. It’s pretty simple. Sticker packs can’t collect data, so I don’t collect any personal data about you and I don’t store any personal data about you. Payments are processed and purchases fulfilled by the App Store.

Have another question about sticker packs? I’m happy to help!