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You don’t need to be a Photoshop pro to be able to digitally design and print your own fabrics. This class is packed with projects you can design using simple and low-cost digital design tools, most that work just from your web browser. You will learn how to create a variety of projects, from repeating geometric patterns to a signature “batik” print, and gain the confidence you need to build on those basic instructions to make your own designs. Great designs don’t always just start with opening up a blank digital file, so we will learn techniques to transform cut paper art, drawings and paintings into pixels too. Then, we’ll take a tour of everything you need to know about printing with Spoonflower, including tips about color, resolution and scale. No fabric design experience necessary, but you should be comfortable with basic computer skills like opening and saving a file, copy/paste, and navigating in a web browser. This class will be presented as a Zoom demo/webinar with detailed live Q&A. Because it is not feasible to complete a project on your computer while simultaneously watching a Zoom presentation, you will complete this project on your own after class has ended. You do not need any special software or equipment for this class; all parts of the project can be completed using your own computer and basic web browser. You will need access to a scanner or basic camera (point and shoot or phone camera) to complete the project. Skill level: Beginner.

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