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I have three different artist development classes coming up in March: Etsy Behind the Scenes, Marketing Yourself Online and Photo Basics.

Etsy Behind the Scenes (March 1) takes you on a tour of my Etsy shop.  I show you what it’s like to run a shop from behind the scenes and how to use all of the special tools and features built in to Etsy.  It is a fast paced class, but packed with information for beginners or artists on the fence about opening a shop.

Marketing Yourself  (March 7) is a compare and contrast of more than six different social media sites and how you can make the most of them as an artist.  I will help you decide which ones really can be used to meet your goals as an artist whether it’s making sales, educating, connecting or reaching a broader audience.

Photo Basics (March 28) isn’t about taking photos, it’s about what to do with them once you have them. It seems like every place you need to upload or submit a photo needs to have it in some special size and format.  This class shows you how to make your photos work for all of them by cropping, resizing, converting and understanding what the specs are asking for.

I hope to see YOU there.  And in case you are curious, that mandala design up above is something I am working on for a class proposal.  You’ll see it again.