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I thought it was time for a little staff meeting here at Becka’s to give you a status on some of the projects we have been working on.

The Art Department has been working on a new design idea which is a combination of geometric with organic overlays.  Looking for prints that might be good for making simple t-shirt dresses.  The one above is called “Editorial Buzz” because it features a geometric print made from a photo of pencil erasers, newsprint and bees.  We think this one is a winner.  The Social Media team will write an article about it next week.  The Art Department has also been busy working on engineered prints for Exhibition Project #3 which is due at the end of the month.  Contributors have submitted their components and it is just a matter of completing design work in the next 2 business days.

The Photography Department just finished a photoshoot of 6 new pieces to go with a grant submission.  The photo styling team was very efficient.  These have been formatted for the grant requirements and also for updates to the artist’s website.

The Marketing Team reports that new business cards have finally been ordered, the artist having realized that she was out of them at an inopportune moment.  They have been shipped.

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The IT Department ran updates to the artist’s website due to a WordPress software update.  The photos from the Photography Department were uploaded and the gallery re-styled due to the artists frustration with the previous template.  Tech Support I (aka Google) was queried for instructions on adding additional sidebars and full width templates.  A request has been placed with Tech Support Supervisor (aka husband) in regards to a .css conflict which is causing something to be green that shouldn’t be.  IT will report back.

The Development Department reports successful completion of Arts Board Grant submission.  Approximately 16 hours of prep was required for this project, which results in some overtime for this Department.  Final count was 7500 characters exactly.  Grant funding will be used for new exhibition of work and purchase of mobile computer lab, pending approval of funding.

Outreach and Community Engagement Department attended a gathering of non-profits to interview and recruit potential board candidates. They report many renewed acquaintances and possible partnership opportunites as a result.  Note to Marketing Department: order more business cards.  The department also reports two new design project queries, but these have been postponed until after personnel have been freed up by Development.

Product Development received a shipment of experimental purse frames.  They also placed a manufacturing order of laser cut components to arrive in a few days.

The Customer Service Team responded to an email request for more product and performed maintenance in the online shop.  Orders are to be shipping tomorrow when it is not raining.

Canine Interns report rain in the backyard.  They are very concerned about monitoring the squirrels, so they are currently napping in the dry spot under the tree and have declined requests to come in the house.


Sleepy canine interns.

Building Maintenance reports that there are unusual levels of mud in the kitchen.  Suggested follow-up with Canine Interns.

The Artist reports a need for a nap.  Or maybe more caffeine.  We are out of Breakfast Assam.