28 November, 2012


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Lichen 1

October 2012, 8 x 8 inches

Digitally printed cotton, hand embroidery

I created this piece for the annual art auction at the art center in my hometown.  I donate a piece to their annual fundraiser every year.  There are not many fiber artists in the area that participate (many painters & photographers) so I am very proud to represent fiber art.  This started with a photo Andy or I took in Wyoming this summer when we were there for a wedding.  This beautiful stone was covered in many shades and shapes of lichens.  I printed it on sateen fabric, which really lets the details show up very sharply.  I then stitched my own clusters of lichens with about 6 shades of green threads and the chinese knot stitch to add some dimension.  I love this one and so I titled it “Lichen 1”, with the anticipation that I will do a few more from the other parts of the photo.

8 September, 2012

Embroidery 1 Class

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In just about 10 days I am teaching a beginning embroidery class at one of my very favorite yarn/fabric shops, Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater MN.  This is our sample project for the 5 stitches we will learn in class.  I thought it would be fun to do a “cheater” crazy quilt block.  The block is 8 inches square and is Spoonflower printed fabric.  I printed tiny white dots right on the design so that you can basically “connect the dots” with the various stitches and the dots will help you keep everything evenly spaced and remember where to put your needle.  I made 3 different colorways (because why not?!) and the embroidery 2 class will have matching blocks with 5 new stitches to learn.  For this block we will do running stitch (and some variations), chain stitch & lazy daisy, back stitch, chinese knots and cross stitch.  Embroidery 2 is couching, satin stitch, blanket/buttonhole, fly stitch and feather stitch.

I stitched some polkadotted batik fabric around the edge of my sample and it’s now ready to be a pillow […]

18 April, 2012

Embroidery, &Stitches and more

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The latest issue of &Stitches zine is available and I am a contributor! This issue is all about books: embroidery books themselves, book themed patterns, fun contributors (like Aimee Ray and Cate Anevski) and a couple of tutorials for some really neat stitches (Turkey stitch).  It’s a fantastic issue once again.

My project & article is all about teaching embroidery to kids.  I picked one of my favorite projects, “Poetry Pockets” that we have done with several groups of 1st and 2nd graders at the Textile Center and gave some tips for ways to teach embroidery to kids, like picking the right needle and thread.

Threading needles is always the biggest hurdle in teaching kids (or adults) to embroider, so I have a bonus tip for you, which I always show in my beginning embroidery classes: Making your Own Needle Threader.

You can get “needle threaders”, which look like a little bit of metal with a wire loop on the end.  You pass the loop through the eye of the needle, put the thread through the wire loop and them pull it back so the thread goes through the eye.  Great idea, but […]

7 February, 2012

Tiny Needlepoint

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I made a few of these over the weekend.  I realized that I hadn’t really done any completely new pieces for my etsy shop in a while, so I wanted to think of something new.  This is 18 count aida (18 stitches to the inch).  It is pretty thick fabric, so it took some careful sanding to get it to fit in the tiny hoops.  A full “x” of cross stitch was just too much so I did a half cross or “tent” stitch on these with a little bit of backstitching.

31 January, 2012

A Free Pattern: Downton

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My twitter stream and Google reader are both abuzz with comments about Downton Abbey.  I am completely in love with this show and those that know me will be un-surprised to hear that I am captivated by the costumes.  So, for all of you that love it as much as I do, here is a set of free embroidery patterns just for you, inspired by the costumes of Downton.  “Mary” is inspired by a black beaded choker.  It would make a nice edging embroidered on something with french knots for those beaded chains.  “Anna” is a detail from the edge of a tiny lace collar. “Dowager Countess” comes from a green and purple ensemble with ribbon embroidery.  “Sybil” is inspired by the embroidered bodice of the infamous “harem pants” outfit.  “Edith” is from a detail on the sleeve of a black and gold evening dress. These aren’t exact replicas, but my take on the design.  Click the image above to download a full sized .pdf you can print and use.

16 November, 2011

Simple but effective

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I had a request a day or two ago to make a tiny embroidery hoop with a candy cane in it.  Since my stitching area in these is about 3/4 inch, whatever I stitch has to be pretty simple.

This candy cane is done with a whipped back stitch, which I think fits the bill perfectly.  I love how this stitch ends up looking a bit like a raised cord on the surface of the fabric.  (If you click that link you will find some instructions on how to do it.)  I think a row of tiny stitched candy canes would be really charming along the edge of some holiday napkins or something like that.


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