Happy 2014 (what happened to 2013 anyway?)

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The end of 2013 was just a whirlwind for us.  Events for work, fast flying trips, broken refrigerators, presents to finish, too much nose blowing. There wasn’t much to write about because we were too busy just getting through it.  These are a few snapshots from our trip to SD for the holidays.  For the most part the weather was lovely while we were there, the company was the very best and the vacation was a much needed reset.

PicMonkey Collage2One of my sisters spent the holidays with the other half of her family, so we spent Christmas eve sending her Jello Salad recipes. She was asked to be in charge of the Jello Salad for Christmas Eve dinner, so we wanted to make sure that she had an adequate supply of recipes to choose from.  These are treasures from my great-grandmothers’ recipe boxes/books.  Some are so horrible sounding we could only just laugh.


I made very few gifts this year (because I am working on a book and that takes more time than you think it will.)  A few have not yet been distributed (so they will wait for another post.)  My niece and nephew got this pair of hats.  Both from patterns I made up, but the tractors came from here and the octopus from here.  (The octopus is really clever and my first ever time following a crochet pattern.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 6.42.11 PM

Hope you all had a lovely wrap up to 2013 and you are starting 2014 on the right foot.




One Thought on “Happy 2014 (what happened to 2013 anyway?)

  1. Mely Rahn on January 2, 2014 at 8:36 pm said:

    Gulp! I remember tomato soup salad! Love the hats!

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