Any Day But Tuesday


The title “Any Day But Tuesday” refers to the perennial dilemma of scheduling a group of people to do anything. It is a sculptural paper box covered with hand embroidered, folded, and manipulated paper. This piece is a play on the idea of a cuckoo clock, an iconic and almost clichéd European vacation souvenir. It was inspired by a mismatched conversation about scheduling a meeting where I said “any day but Tuesday” and someone else immediately responded “Tuesday sounds great!” which made me a little “cuckoo”. I juxtaposed a simple working clock with a bird wearing a comically pained expression and holding its wings over its ears.

8 x 4 x 2 inches
Paper, paper clay, embroidery threads, miniature clock.


Pop Goes the Easel, North Suburban Center for the Arts. January- March 2024.