Likes & Follows

Likes & Follows is inspired by the classic game of Chutes & Ladders and its parallels to social media algorithms, where every post is an unknown, like a roll of the dice where your audience can suddenly climb up or slide down. The grid of vibrant colored squares is both a game board and the post feed. I chose green because it is often used as a symbol of growth. You can see ladders in the background and the negative spaces. The inner boxes are like a staircase going up or down and they are filled with dice that have blank faces. I used a running stitch to embroider along the curves because it looks like a series of number ones following the flow up or down. As an artist, connecting my work to new audiences often feels like an elaborate game where I don’t exactly know all of the rules and I am always learning as I go.

9 x 4 x4 inches
paper, hand embroidery, handdyed wood


The Art of the Game, North Suburban Center for the Arts, April – May 2024