There are many reasons to take on a different persona. Authors use a pseudonym or pen name when they want to disguise their own name or leave readers with a different impression of the voice behind the words. This coat is a nod to a wearable pseudonym; the idea of the power suit.  It’s a favorite sweater or fierce shoes that you wear to a difficult meeting to feel more confident or the outfit you put together for a presentation so you feel like you will be taken seriously. It’s the armor you put on to get through a challenging day.

The design of this fabric is made from recycled safety paper envelopes, the patterned envelopes used to disguise private information like bank statements and checks. I painted the paper and cut chain links in graduating sizes. The linked chains were scanned, combined and digitally printed onto velvet fabric. The buckles are made from laser cut oak and were hand dyed to match the gold color in the coat.

Digitally printed velvet and laser cut oak hardware.


First exhibited at WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts as part of their Fiber Arts in the Digital Age exhibition.

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Wisconsin Public Radio did a story about the Fiber Arts in the Digital Age exhibition where this piece made its debut and my work is mentioned in the story.

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