Unintendetour is part of a Portmanteaus series about plans that go awry, timelines that slip, and projects that run into snags outside of one’s control. The word portmanteau refers to a suitcase-like container or two words that have been joined together to form a combined meaning.

I love puns and wordplay in my work. For Unintendetour, I made the whole shape of the box take an unexpected turn like a detour arrow. The choice to use a box shape leans in to the idea that every story has an internal or personal version and an external version that you tell to other people. Red is often a color used to communicate a stop and the theme of the pieces in this series is to talk about things that stop momentum from going forward. I used softer or analogous colors to red to sort of play with the idea that these ideas were not quite a hard stop or an end, but more the idea of things that were in the way of progress.

Sculptural paper box with hand embroidered paper. 4x7x4 inches.


Monochrome. North Suburban Center for the Arts. 2023.